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February 19, 20 and 21 at 4 PM. TRYOUT INFO: Article: In match play, there are 6 singles sets followed by 3 doubles sets. As tennis is built on a ladder system, tryouts will involve play among those trying out. This play normally would be a 10 point match, must win by 2. Other factors in tryouts would be ones agility on the court, hand-eye coordination, ability to maintain a volley, attitude and commitment to matches and practices

In order to step on the courts you must have
(a)  a completed  VHSL Physical form on file If you have had one for band or JROTC
please get a copy and submit to the Athletic Office.
(b)  emergency care info on file (most likely on physical form)

If you had a physical for a non-athletic team/squad, i.e. -band, please have a copy of it made for you. 

Tryout guidelines:
   Tryouts will be a minimum of 3 days.  
   Criteria used to evaluate candidates are:
           (1) tennis skills right now-  shot consistency, accuracy, mobility, and athleticism.
           (2) also considered-  attitude, leadership, ability to learn and being  a team player.
           (3) we also use a 7-point tie breaker round robin to see how you react in on-court competition.

The team will consist of of  10-13 players ( the coaches will determine the final roster number) .

Practice Commitments:
          Must be available for every practice.  Advance notice must be given to the coach for permission to miss
practice.  Players are expected to make all matches and stay until the end.  Some matches may have a travel team
limited.  You must be in good standing with SCPS and MVHS.  You must adhere to the participation and attendance

Contact: Rick Bradley